"You Have Found Your Place"


If you are looking for somewhere to fit in or to deepen your relationship with God, or maybe you just feel it’s time for a fresh start?  Then come on by and let us meet you.  We want to get to know you and show  you around during your visit with us.  "At Grace Harvest Church, we believe that you have found your place!"

Our Worship

We believe that every person was created to worship & when we express our love towards God, it is our greatest honor and privilege. This outward expression of heartfelt worship towards or Savior, gives us a sense of joy, peace and an assurance we are fulfilling His purpose.  Our passionate belief in the God of the Universe drives us to connect with Him in a deeper way. We praise God for His many blessings and answered prayer but we Worship Him for Who He is. The wonderful realization of such an amazing God who Loves us (Grace) is the source of our passionate Worship in every service. 

Our Family

The Bible says that when we accept Jesus as Lord over our lives, He places us into the Body known as the Family of God. This Family extends all around the world and is called the Church of Jesus Christ. At Grace we consider our family members an extension of this worldwide Family of God. God has brought the members of Grace together for over 60 years, to love, to forgive, to pray and to use our spiritual gifts in strengthening one another while we "do Life" as a family, on the journey He planned for us. Jesus is at the center of every good and healthy family.  Let us share His love with yours.

We Pray

For over 60 years, Grace has relied on the power of prayer to see Gods hand move in the lives of our members and their families. For a successful walk with Christ, we encourage a strong connection with God and offer prayer in group settings as well as promote individual time alone. To those outside our walls, online prayer requests are taken by our prayer team which are prayed for Daily. Every Sunday Service a prayer list is provided with the needs of the family members prompting family members to pray for each other throughout the week.  Prayer moves the hand of God and we believe it deepens our relationship with Him. 


Need Prayer?

Call us on our 24-hour Prayer Message Line at (818) 925-5697 and leave our team your prayer request and let us know if you want us to call you back or not. You may also remain anonymous if this will ease your concerns. If you wish to submit online, please click on the button below.


Jesus is at the center of every good and healthy family. Let us share His Love with yours.

— Grace Harvest Church



Our Missionaries

Grace Harvest Church supports a dynamic team of missionaries serving in four continents. Grace Harvest seeks to support our missionaries financially, in prayer, and with any other resources that are available. Let's learn about where they serve and about the men and women who are pouring their lives into the building of Christ’s ministry worldwide.